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Miranda Ward

Miranda Ward

Before Yoli, I felt STUCK. We are blessed, but I believe there is more to life! I really was tired of feeling sick and tired! I had been trying to lose weight with exercise and different diets, but nothing seemed to work that was also sustainable. I found it confusing and frustrating with all the news articles about what to eat, what not to eat, that it was overwhelming! 

My good friend mentioned her and her family had success with Yoli. Feeling fed up, I trusted my friend and looking back, the timing was just right. Thankfully my husband joined me and we both felt amazing a few days into our new lifestyle.  Ever since, I can't help sharing with others because I seriously have never felt better.  I had a physical transformation in losing 40 pounds and 40 inches.  

Through personal development and growing and learning each day, I had an emotional transformation.  I have so much more self confidence than ever before.  I have met some amazing people and love the BLP (Belonginig, Love and Purpose).  The love and support are amazing from the founders and many new friends I have made. I love inspiring and encouraging others to be a better version of themselves!

Financially, I was able to take a break from my corporate job for a year and follow my passion! We are earning free products each month, have taken family vacations, and earned my luxury car, an Audi Q7.

I seriously have found my passion in helping others obtain their health goals and financial goals. I am learning so much and am thrilled my family is getting healthy.  Love spending time with my Yoli friends and family and the support is amazing!  This really is my new lifestyle and so much more than weight loss, but a health gain system. I have more confidence, energy, sleep better, less aches and pains and headaches.  I am so thankful God blessed us with this opportunity and we are on this amazing journey.  As Jim Rohn says..."If you don't like where you are, change it!"

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